©iancorless.com_TCC2017-06379I am Swedish, now living in Trysil, Norway. I am an ultra endurance runner and I particularly like multi-stage races (if you don’t know what that is it basically means running something line 250km over 5-7 days in extreme locations like deserts, rain forests, or high mountains…).

Sports and outdoor activities have always been important in my family. My grandfather, Alvar Kjellström, was a talented cross-country skier and orienteer and founded the compass manufacturer Silva. My uncle, Jan Kjellström, also a skilled orienteer, helped accelerate the development of orienteering in the UK before a tragic road traffic accident took his life in 1967. There is still a yearly orienteering festival in his memory called the JK Trophy.

Growing up in Sweden I did a lot of cross-country skiing and long distance ice skating from a young age. I also accompanied my dad on countless bird watching outings although I never developed the same love and passion for birds as he had…

From the age of 10 through my teens I found a love for kayaking and I competed at national junior level before turning my interest to music for a few years. I started running in my late teens and did my first Marathon in Stockholm in 2002 and a few more soon followed. For a few years I didn’t run much since a demanding work schedule got in the way but in 2010, after my father suddenly passed away, I decided it was time to change priorities. I ran my first ultra-marathon in 2011 and many have followed since including two wins at the iconic Marathon des Sables. I guess you could say desert running is my speciality!

I am passionate about health and wellbeing and I love helping people take up habits that will improve their health, fitness and quality of life. As a running coach I work primarily with people who want to take up stage racing such as the Marathon des Sables but I love supporting runners of all abilities.

My background in Management Consulting, specialising in Change Management, means that I appreciate the pressures of a demanding work schedule and how difficult it can be to balance work and life commitments and training. I hold a MSc in Engineering & Business Management and a Graduate Certificate in Change Management. I am also a UKA certified Coach in Running Fitness and have trained as a Sports Therapist.

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