I help you transform your relationships & upgrade your sex life!

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Why work with me?

I am passionate about helping people grow in confidence and create happier, healthier lives. I combine my own life experience and passion with professional knowledge to provide you with objective and judgement-free guidance.

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Transform your relationship

Do you feel stuck, unfulfilled or unhappy in your relationship? Couples therapy can help you work through problems, identify solutions and enable positive change.

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Elevate Your Pleasure

Many people don’t talk about sex. It means that often we don’t express what we actually want and are ashamed to talk about sexual problems. I offer confidential, open-minded and non-judgmental guidance.

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Empower Yourself

Sometimes our self-esteem hinders us from going after what we want in life, being intimate and connecting with our sexuality. Unleash your “wow” and open yourself to new possibilities.

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I left a career in consulting to become a coach, entrepreneur and endurance runner.

I then realised that many people live their lives not experiencing in full the kind of connection, intimacy and pleasure they deserve. I want to make a difference and this led me to become a Sexologist.

Are you living or are you alive? The choice is yours…

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