Elisabet Barnes is a coach, as well as a certified sexologist and relationship therapist. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Clinical Sexology at Modern Sex Therapy Institutes.

Elisabet loves helping people grow in confidence and create happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Combining her own life experience with professional, evidence based knowledge, she offers a confidential, open-minded and judgement-free space.

Society teaches us a very narrow definition of what “normal” is when it comes to relationships, sexuality and sex. Because of that many people suffer unnecessarily for having a certain preference, kink, fetish or fantasy, or for not being able to squeeze themselves into a monogamous relationship template. It can be difficult to discuss with partners or friends because they may not have the knowledge and understanding to meet this information without fear or judgement. Consequently many people lead double lives, or have to suppress part of themselves.

Elisabet is open to working with a wide range of topics. Whilst she is trauma informed she does not work with trauma specifically and prefers to support people not in need of trauma therapy. Her mode of working is coaching rather than therapy focused. She believes that everyone has the resources within them to achieve their desired outcomes and that she can help by asking the rights questions and providing support and guidance.

More about Elisabet 

Elisabet had a successful career in management consulting when a personal event forced her to look at her life from a different perspective. The powerful insight resulting from this was her wake-up call to make changes in her life. Wanting to feel more alive she eventually became a coach, entrepreneur and endurance runner. In running circles she is known for having won the gruelling 250km Marathon des Sables twice, amongst other extreme endurance events. She coaches others for similar events and often the result of such extreme experiences can be life-changing for her clients.

Elisabet is passionate about health and well-being in general and about helping people to a healthy lifestyle. How we feel in ourselves has much to say for how we function in daily life and in relationships. Physical health is also important for sexual function. If you want to get help with lifestyle changes, Elisabet can assist you.

Elisabet was born and raised in Sweden, she has lived in Spain, the UK and currently resides in Norway. She is frequently travelling. All coaching sessions are on zoom. Elisabet welcomes clients who speak English, Swedish, or Norwegian.


Formal credentials:

Currently undertaking PhD in Clinical Sexology

Certified in Solution Building Couples Therapy

Certified Supervisor

Certified Sexologist

Certified Couples Therapist

Postgraduate Certificate in Change Management

Master of Science in Business Management & Engineering

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