• About me

Who is Elisabet Barnes? Find out more about me here.


I am a coach, sexologist and relationship therapist. I have a certification in sexology and couples therapy from Sexologiskolen in Copenhagen and I currently study for a PhD in Clinical Sexology. It is important to me to offer an open-minded and inclusive service because I believe that everyone has the right to be themselves. I therefore welcome all relationship constellations, sexual orientations and kinks without judgement.


I believe that in a relationship you should be able to feel safe and valued, talk to each other about everything, support each other, and help each other grow. Life is too short not to, and if you feel that you want more out of life, your relationship(s) or your sex life I would love to see if I can help you. Whilst monogamy can be great for many people, I don’t believe that monogamy should be the only template for relationships. There are many alternative formats which can work just as well, if not better. If you are specifically looking for a therapist who is open minded and “poly friendly” I might be right for you.


I am passionate about health and well-being in general and about helping people to a healthy lifestyle. How we feel in ourselves has much to say for how we function in relationships. I also want to encourage women to be more confident and love themselves. Many people but especially women, grow up associating sex with shame and guilt. I think this is wrong and sad, and I want to help people feel better about themselves and live and express themselves fully.


I haven’t always followed my passions in life. Like many others I took an “expected” path. I had a successful career in management consulting when my father suddenly passed away in 2010. This was my wake-up call. I realised that life is very fragile and that you can’t take the future for granted. This planted a seed in me to make a change in life. Wanting to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life I became a coach, entrepreneur and endurance runner. In running circles I am known for having won the gruelling 250km Marathon des Sables twice, amongst other extreme endurance events. If you are interested in running coaching, or to know about me as a runner, visit my dedicated running page here.


I was born and raised in Sweden, I have lived in Spain and the UK and I now live in Norway. For reasons of health I stick to a predominantly plant based diet (and I do believe it’s good for your sex life ?).


I hold a Master of Science degree as well as a Graduate Certificate and I have long professional experience of helping organisations and individuals through change.


If any of the above resonates with you I would love if we could work together! You can contact me in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English. I do speak Spanish but it’s a bit rusty…:-)