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I offer motivational speaking as well as talks on practical topics related to running. Whether you are looking for inspiration at a corporate event, a workshop for a team-building session, practical tips for a race such as the Marathon Des Sables, or anything else, contact me and I would be delighted to discuss with you how I can help. I can work with you to tailor a talk to suit your specific context and objectives.

Corporate / Professional Context

I have a unique combination of experiences from Management Consulting, Change Management and Sports. In extreme endurance sports the mind is just as important as the body if not more. Having resilience, a positive mindset, ability to overcome unplanned obstacles, continuously expanding your comfort zone, being confident in your own abilities, are all critical aspects of success. This is just as relevant in a workplace setting. The extreme demands of ultra-running provide tangible examples of how to develop these skills and behaviours.

Sporting Event Context

My experience from ultra-running is varied, having run extreme events in desert, rain-forest and mountains. If you need help to prepare runners for a specific event such as a race, a charity event, a hike etc, I can offer practical advice specific to the environment on topics such as equipment, training, acclimatisation, mental preparation, foot care, and more.


Here are a couple of examples of talks I have done.

From Darkness to Desert (Inspirational / motivational)

My own life story of growing up and how that shaped me, and how subsequently I went from a more traditional career to becoming an entrepreneur, ultra-runner and twice MDS winner. I talk about the changes I made to my life, what triggered these changes and the difficult decisions I had to make. Key points: embrace change, create yourself, follow your heart.

Your Perfect Race (preparation for Marathon Des Sables)

Do you want to peak at the right time, maximise your potential and have a great MDS experience? In this talk I demystify the race and reveal the key success factors for having ‘the perfect race’. Whether you are a completer or a competer, I help you prepare and race with clarity and confidence.


Contact me to discuss your ideas and requirements and I will provide a quote. elisabet@ultra.coach