For the penultimate Toy Tuesday (episode 19) of the year I do a comparison of two steel wands for G-spot stimulation. The njoy Pure Wand, which I reviewed back in Episode 2, and the Le Wand Arch which is relatively new to me. Both are quality toys and at the more expensive price range.

Steel vs other materials

When I first bought the njoy Pure Wand I hadn’t used steel toys before. Many people would perhaps traditionally think that something that vibrates is better as a sex toy. Personally, since trying steel and glass, and now having a large collection of toys in both these materials, I think they beat any traditional vibrator by miles. This is particularly true if you really want to sense what is happening in your vagina and explore the G-spot area. The smooth feel just doesn’t compare to anything else.

Glass is generally speaking cheaper, steel is heavier and more long lasting in the sense that if you drop it it doesn’t break. Both the njoy Pure Wand and the Le Wand Arch G-spot toys come in very nice gift boxes (they should given the price!) and feel luxurious. They make for a great gift. The Le Wand Arch also comes with a padded little storage bag.

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Does the G-spot actually exist?

njoy and Le Wand both make big claims when it comes to G-spot simulation with these two toys, like so many other producers who market products targeting this elusive spot. In fact, the G-spot has become the centre of a massive industry with products, books, courses etc designed to help women experience G-spot orgasms.

Meanwhile science hasn’t been able to prove that the G-spot actually exists! What is it then and why can we buy so many toys to stimulate something that doesn’t exist? Check out my brief article which explains more about the G-spot.

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