Welcome back to Toy Tuesday! This week’s toy, the FUN FACTORY BIG BOSS is a silicone vibrator of larger dimensions that breathes quality. I love Fun Factory and I bought this particular vibrator in Munich in their store there. It was like entering a sweet store. Fun Factory make their toys really visually appealing with striking design, appealing shapes and bold colours. In addition they were all out on display to test (no not really in THAT way!), with charged batteries, and the staff was super helpful. It was hard to pick one!

Generally speaking I am more of a fan of glass and stainless steel dildos, than silicone vibrators. However, the FUN FACTORY BIG BOSS is a very good example of its kind. German quality through and through with attention to detail in every aspect.

Whilst not huge in any way it is quite big and so could be too big for some. I guess you will know what you like yourself. If you want to be filled up, and maybe have stimulation of the cervix, then this could work well. It also works great for clitoral stimulation as a warm-up.

They vibration is murmuring and deep. Not the annoying high pitched mosquito sound that you get from some cheaper vibrators. You have six levels and 6 patterns to choose from.

[pexyoutube pex_attr_src=”https://youtu.be/HhFtW8aYcYM”][/pexyoutube]

Hope this inspires you and see you in the next episode! ? If you would like further details about the FUN FACTORY BIG BOSS, check it out here.

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