Welcome back to Toy Tuesday! Episode 7 brings you a versatile and aesthetically pleasing glass toy which you can keep on display on a shelf if you are so inclined 😉 Another great benefit of it is that it is surprisingly cheap for what you you get. Glass wands can actually be very good value in my opinion.

There are a myriad of toys out there now and with that comes a wide range of materials as well. Not all are that great and don’t assume that just because someone made a toy out of wood, stone, or some kind of plastic, that it is wise to put it in your body. Materials can be porous which means they are difficult to clean and can harbour bacteria, or they can be of toxic materials. Just do your research so you know what you buy. Personally I try to stick to glass, stainless steel or body safe silicone. A good question you can ask yourself is, would you put it in your mouth? If not, it probably shouldn’t go anywhere else either….

Have fun! 😇

PS: If you missed the previous episodes they are here. If you would like to book a consultation to do with relationships or sex, you can do so here.

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