This time of year, where I live, I doesn’t actually get dark at night so I kind of lose track of time. It’s late writing this but it doesn’t seem like it!

Anyway, to the point. This week’s toy is cute, pretty mainstream and sort of innocent. It’s perfect for foreplay, a slow build orgasm or for those with high sensitivity who can’t take some of the more intense stimulation provided by air pressure vibrators or the bigger vibrating wands, such as the one I discussed in Episode 4.

I got it as a gift and it works well as such. If you want give a woman a toy but are unsure how it will be received this comes in nice packaging, is well made, not terribly expensive, and unlikely to offend.

I also think it works for women who want to introduce a sex toy to their relationship but not sure where to start.

Hope you enjoy it and if you want to see any particular toy in the future, do let me know and I’ll see what I can do 😊

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Elisabet ❤️

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