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Toy Tuesday is back! In episode 5 i go smaller but not less interesting. “Pleasure balls” are very common and come in different shapes, sizes, materials and weights. You can use them for pure pleasure, or you can use them to tone your pelvic floor muscles which can help you with more intense orgasms, more pleasure for you and your partner, and better bladder control.

These particular balls I talk about in the video, the “Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Pleasure Balls”, are quite heavy at 221 grams. If you are just starting out and want to use them for training purposes, you could look at lighter weight options or adjustable ones.

In my video this week I talk more about the pleasurable aspect of these balls so check it out for some inspiration! I will get back in the future on pelvic floor training more specifically.

Use these with water based lubricant. They don’t detach from the silicone string so this makes cleaning more difficult than for balls which you can detach or which are completely integrated with the string in one piece (silicone balls). The string is very tight against the holes of the balls so it’s not a major issue but I have found over time that if water leaks inside the balls they can rust. Just something to bear in mind and I would say that a combination of glass balls and silicone has a longer shelf life.

The benefit of these balls lie in the unusually heavy weight (if you are looking for that), the slightly flexible cord which you can pull (see the video), the luxurious look and feel (they make for a nice gift) and the fact that the cord is very soft and flexible so the balls move independently of each other.

Which ones are your favourite “pleasure balls” if you have tried something similar? Let me know. You can comment below or send me feedback privately via the contact form.

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